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Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea Noble & Sunday Tea

Noble & Sunday Tea

Noble & Sunday Tea

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Noble & Sunday Loose Leaf Tea

Sourcing fresh loose leaf tea from the finest tea gardens in the world, they jumped past mass production teas to lovingly crafted, smooth and aromatic loose leaf tea. They honour the traditions of heritage teas and while portraying our passion for the craft.

Lemon Grey

The famous Earl Grey with a lemon twist. A blend of three different black teas, Assam Ceylon and South Indian, creates a robust and full bodied tea that is still delicate enough to bring out the sweet citrus flavours of the lemongrass. 


Lime, Blossom & Chamomile

This green tea infusion of Wu-Lu tea is infused with a complex lemony chamomile aroma. The lime tree blossoms, chamomile and a hint of ginger are layered with elderflowers, marigold and sunflower blossoms to create a unique and relaxing blend.


Maple Walnut

This warming full-bodied rooibos infusion has a nutty aroma with delicious walnut chunks, combined with pieces of cacao bean and chocolate chips.


Vanilla Cacao

A very popular infusion, Vanilla Cacao has a base of Rooibos and Honeybush teas, blended with pieces of the cacao bean and dwarf everlast blossoms.


Cool Summer Spice

This layered blend creates a refreshing, full bodied aroma that can be enjoyed hot or cold. The rooibos and nanamint base give aroma and a minty hit, while the anise, ginger, coriander, pepper and cinnamon warm the drink and fill the palate. Finishing with a hint of lemongrass and wild thyme, this is a truly invigorating and complex blend, refreshing and soothing.


White Peony

White Peony is a pure white tea, also known by the traditional name of Bai Mu Dan. It is a popular style of white tea in China made from young tea leaves and silvery unopened leaf buds. What is very special about this tea is that is was created by a tea master in Sikkim mimicking the Chinese makers and has received many accolades. 


Strawberry Plum

This sweet tangy treat is fresh hit for summer with a dramatic red colour and satisfyingly seductive strawberry smell. A strawberry, apple and fruit blend big on aroma with real vanilla pieces, this is what strawberry tea should taste like, with hints of vanilla and summer fruits.


Chai of Ghana

A gentle chai that can be savoured all day. exotic spices with only the finest Cacao beans from Ghana. we have sprinkled in exotic spices such as roasted chicory root, ginger bits, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise. It all gives it a gentle chocolaty flavour with a hint of well-balanced spice. This chai that is great on its own or if you prefer you can sweeten it with honey or for a more traditional chai you can brew it in milk on the stove.


Peppermint Breeze

A fresh, beautiful golden-green liquor is just bursting with powerful mint notes which are both strong, refreshing & intense finish on your palate. Being caffeine free, this organic USA grown Peppermint is great for helping with aid with digestion while improving concentration. While peppermint is grown extensively in Egypt the best tasting peppermint comes from the Pacific Northwest of the United States where the summers are hot and dry.


Chamomile Blossom

Tracking back into early Greek and Egyptian history, this tea has been enjoyed and used for a range of medicinal purposes for millennia.

While many people go to this brew to ease hay-fever, soothe a stomach ache, sort out insomnia or keep stress at bay, the soothing smell and taste of this needs no excuse to pick up and enjoy.

Smooth and relaxing, this herbal tea with subtle apple-like taste and satisfying floral aromas will help you relax but won't hinder your focus if you need to stay alert. Sweet-smelling with a lingering, feel-good aftertaste

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