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Little Bach Wax co Candles

Little Bach Wax co Candles

$40.00 NZD


Beautiful Large 275g pure soy wax candle carefully blended with high quality phthalate-free fragrance oils from Little Bach Wax co.

- Hand poured in New Zealand into reuseable/recyclable whiskey tumbler

- Completely free of gmo, colourants, paraffins and unnatural additives

- Cotton wicks are lead-free and woodwicks are FSC certified approved

- Enjoy a long and clean 60 hour burn

- Please reuse, recycle or return once your jar has burned through

Scents Available

SUNDAY / caramelised sugar, vanilla, maple / Sunday embodies the warm comfort that accompanies slow mornings: baking, breakfast in bed, savouring the sweet stillness of winter inside with loved ones.

PUMPKIN CHAI / sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon / Transport yourself to a crisp Autumn day with the swirling spices of "Pumpkin Chai"; a sophisticated fall fragrance with a spicey finish. Topped with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, clove and black tea. Baked pumpkin makes up the heart of the fragrance, while vanilla and graham cracker base notes add a creamy, toasty character. 

DEADLY PEONIES / wild rose, African violets, pomegranate / Meet "Deadly Peonies", the ultimate floral explosion. This lush candle marries peony and wild rose, with a touch of African violets and Carolina jasmine. Further notes include pink sugar, red currant and pomegranate. Fresh, floral and cheerful.

OAKMOSS & AMBER / sandalwood, tonka, orange / Bring the outdoors in with “Oakmoss and Amber”; the perfect medley of musk and amber. Notes include orange, rose, oakmoss, grapefruit, sandalwood, blonde woods and tonka.

FLORA AND JUNIPER / lemongrass, blackcurrant, sugarcane / Relax and unwind with this feel-good candle. With notes of lemongrass, blackcurrant, lime, patchouli and sugarcane; Flora and Juniper will is the perfect scent to cure your winter blues.


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